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3 killed, 4 injured by elderly driver in Florida parking lot. Inside Today's Newsroom

105-year-old keeps on driving

Youngest Baby Boomers hitting 50 in 2014.

Later retirement lessens Alzheimer's risk. FoxNews.com

Marriage tip for new retiree: Stay busy

Granny, 72, shoots at intruder. FoxNews.com

Oldest Veteran flies to DC on Honor Flight at 107

Nurse admits murdering eleven elders by setting fire to nursing home

Retirees turning to spiritual vocations for second careers

3/4s of workers plan to keep right on working past retirement age. Gallup Poll. Details inside

Daughter using Power of Attorney to evict Dad from long-time home. Details inside

Help Wanted: Older job seekers. Experience counts. FoxNews.com

Can "Mind Sports" fight Alzheimers? by Michael Ciamarra. Details inside our newsroom

Job hunting after age 50. USA Today

America needs to rethink Social Security, Medicare and long-term care. Brent Hunsberger. The Oregonian

YOU can start an "aging in place" community. Live and die at home. USNews

Duplicate federal programs waste billions

Preparing to retire? Look for these five shockers.

How to generate an extra $1,000 a month income from the $250,000 you saved. Details inside Zeigler Senior Newsroom

Encore: Retirees start new careers. Details inside Zeigler Senior Newsroom

FTC warns of new scam. Phoners asking for information for non-existent card for Affordable Health Care (ObamaCare)

Baby Boomers going broke just before they need money for retirement

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Zeigler Senior News, a web site of news you can use for the over-50 and veterans, opened January 1, 2011, the same day that 77 million Baby Boomers started turning 65.

"24-hour news cycle for seniors."

"BBB: Baby Boomer Beat."

"GNN: Geezer News Network."

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